What We Offer

Arrive GPS’s tracking devices offer an exclusive advantage for surveillance and security services with instant GPS mapping capabilities, real-time tracking, event notifications, geo-fencing, and many more. With the arriveGPS web portal, our customer can view a large group of devices or an individual device at once on a single map in satellite and hybrid outlooks using Google’s mapping knowledge. 

Custom-Made Software to Satisfy Your Needs

Since you don’t run a roadside business, would you then use a one-size-fits-all software? You encounter different trials and challenges and have various specific needs for fleet tracking to succeed in your business. That’s the reason we offer custom-made solutions so your exact business needs can be met. We make sure to provide all the information you need, anytime you require it, and the way you want to see it.

Your Needs Always Come First

We offer our clients varieties of technical support. When you experience problems, we will be here to provide possible solutions at any required time to ensure they are effectively resolved. Our customer support and service team have received frequent accolades for their dedication and commitment to problem-solving and customer success. Partnering with a fleet tracking service provider that emphasizes on customer success will ensure a maximum return on your investment and that you end up happy with our service.

We Help You Simplify Installation

All implementations and installations require careful planning. We offer you with detailed GPS tracking installation idea to help you track and manage the progress of your assets deployment during all stages, from installations to training. Our careful and thorough process ensures your roll-out is quickly and smoothly executed so you can get your fleet back to work. Our GPS trackers work with trucks, vans, cars, light duty, heavy duty or any type of vehicle. arriveGPS tracks both non-powered and powered assets as well.

To Parents and Guardians

The point of all these isn’t just to spy on your teenaged or under-aged driver, but also to help train them to become the best operators they can. Valuable insight can be gotten from how they drove on a particular type of road that increases their awareness, better-prepared drivers that will help them avoid collisions and accidents in the future. For your fleet maintenance, this kind of logistics detail allows for big savings in terms of traffic avoidance and route planning, vehicle maintenance, and overall strategy. They are also helpful in an event of a crash/collision as proof of speed in investigations, among other things.

Arrive GPS Empowers Parents to Instill Excellent Driving Skills

Fortunately as today’s technology grows in advancement it becomes less difficult to keep tabs on children most the time, yet it’s still important to make sure that you have the right device at your disposal when it comes to keeping tabs of your kids.  There’s no denying the unwavering love children have for technology, so it stands to understand that parents that are ardent to keep tabs on their children will seek something their child can have with them any time.

Arrive GPS Return Policy

Products purchased may be returned to arriveGPS within the period of 30 days of the original date of purchase. Products returned must be in new, unused condition in its original packaging. If the returned units have been activated on the arriveGPS service, service fees, activation fees, and any additional service related charges will not be repaid to the customer. All shipping costs made by the customer will not be reimbursed.

Your Return Bid will be rejected or approved within 48 hours (2 days). If accepted, you will get directions on how the product is to be returned. It is the obligation of the customer to send a rejected product to arriveGPS within 10 days of return authorization. Any return after 10 days of consent is subject to rejection at the discretion of arriveGPS.

The return process might take a week or two depending on the size or magnitude of the product and the time to thoroughly inspect the product. Once inspected, arriveGPS will determine whether or not a refund is to be granted and then notify the client of the determination. Credit or Debit card refunds can take 3-5 business days to under-go processing once approved by arriveGPS.

Refurbished products are sold as (final sale) and cannot be authorized for a refund.

Arrive GPS Warranty

Arrive GPS warrants that all our products will be defect-free in workmanship or in materials for the time period of 30 days. The date of shipment marks the beginning of the warranty. The warranty is stretched to our customers and applies to all arriveGPS products bought, mounted, and used for the purpose for which the product was designed. The warranties cover defects arising from normal use and excludes failures or malfunctions resulting from abuse, neglect, misuse, abuse, alteration, issues with electrical power, usage not in line with product instructions, natural acts, or wrong repairs or installation made by anyone other than a arriveGPS personnel or a arriveGPS authorized third-party expert. arriveGPS reserves all right to swap functionally equivalent new or operational used parts or products.

Arrive GPS Warranty Claims Process

For a customer to be entitled to Warranty repair or replacement, such customer must alert arriveGPS via the arriveGPS Online RMA Request Form within the period of 30 days after observing a suspected defect in the product, but in a situation prior to the expiration of the provided 30 Day Warranty Period, Notice to arriveGPS via email, live chat, or phone, will not be considered as a notice to arriveGPS.

Before the shipment of any suspected defective product to arriveGPS, the customer must have obtained a Return Authorization Number (RMA number) from arriveGPS and must be able to provide proof of warranty entitlement requested by arriveGPS. Any returned product received by arriveGPS without a return authorization number may, at arriveGPS’s discretion, be returned back to the customer without replacement or repair. Once return authorization is gotten, the customer becomes responsible for packaging and shipping such product to arriveGPS, within 10 days after receiving the return authorization. Once returned product(s) are received by arriveGPS, assessment and authorization or denial of warranty claims may require up to (7) working days. Any product(s) returned under the provided terms of the arriveGPS Warranty which is determined to carry no manufacturer defect and is in good working condition is subject to return shipping charges.

In any event of an authorized Warranty replacement, arriveGPS will adjust data services to provide for any number of days required to end the Warranty process.

Arrive GPS Dispute Resolution

In any event of any dispute between Parties hereunder, such Parties shall attempt to resolve the disagreement in an informal way. Upon written or printed request from either Party, the other Party shall, in 5 working days, label an authorized representative for resolving any dispute. If no party is represented such Party shall be the person whose name approved this Agreement. Unless if not provided here in this Agreement, the Parties settle that there shall be no degradation or interruption in Service in the course of the informal dispute resolution processes. The chosen representatives shall deliberate the issue and resolve in good faith in a struggle to settle the dispute in an orderly and timely fashion. Compliance with this arrangement or provision shall not in any way relieve Parties involved in the dispute from compliance with any and every other obligation stated in this Agreement.

Any controversy, claim or dispute that cannot be settled by the Parties relating or arising out of this Agreement shall be resolved by arbitration in agreement with the Commercial Arbitration Instructions of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) and ruling upon the award extracted by the arbitrators may be adopted in any court with jurisdiction thereof. The arbitration shall be held in any location as the Parties should mutually agree upon. Every aspect of the arbitration shall be taken or treated as confidential. Neither the arbitrators nor the Parties may disclose the content, existence, or results of the arbitration, except a need arises to comply with legal or regulatory necessities or in relation with the implementation thereof.

In an event that fits or arbitration is required or an attorney retained by either of the Party to implement the terms of this Agreement or to receive any money payable hereunder or to accept any monetary damages for breach hereof, the prevailing Party would be eligible to recuperate, in addition to other remedy, court costs, the reimbursement of reasonable attorney’s fees, and every other related expenses suffered in connection therein.