About Arrive GPS

Arrive GPS is a GPS tracking company known for providing GPS services to businesses and communities. Our unique methods and solutions are scalable, customizable, and user-friendly in the GPS tracking industry. The foremost objective of arrive GPS is for the safety and protection of road users. Our team is made up of experts with years of experience in manufacturing, design, sales, and marketing of GPS Tracking technology.

Make Arrive GPS your Choice for Safety.

At Arrive GPS, we  want to be known as the best and we must offer the best! We hold the belief that we are providing cutting-edge GPS services and products. With our services, you will experience leading cloud-based platforms. We are committed and certain to meet your personal and business requirements/needs with our service plans and extensive options. Meeting your objectives and needs with our limitless solutions is our goal

Tracking System

Worried about the location of your car or getting involved in any uncertainties? Active GPS has got you covered! Our state of art tracking system solutions offers top real time tracking so that you can easily locate your vehicle’s location through our worldwide GPS network.

Vehicle Tracking

One of our star tracking service, you can now easily enable a full-time tracking app into your mobile phones to always be alert about your vehicle whereabouts. Tracking will begin automatically and send you alerts whenever your vehicle starts and moving and pauses when stopped.

Latest Geo-fence Functionality

Geo fence functionality is one of the most modern and state of art techniques when it comes to the tracking industry. Active GPS offers geofencing so you can easily locate any device, individual or vehicle if your designated boundary or property areas are violated.

Fleet Management Software Services

Fleet Management Software is the dream of every commercial company. We help you to organize and manage all your work vehicles from a centralized system and ensure that all operation are being carried out smoothly.

Sharing Location

We know and understand the chances of uncertainties and casualties. Thus we take advanced step for this regard, if you ever feel unsafe, with the help of our GPS tracking system, you can easily share your live location through the app or URL.

Report Downloading

It’s essential to keep a record of all your commercial vehicles and operations, thus Active GPS tracking company offers download options for your tracking in Excel format through your map page. Keep all your record at one place with our fast paced and advanced services.


Arrive GPS mission is to become a recognized fast GPS tracking company by providing the ultimate value and quality to its customers. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, thus we ensure that we furnish all in one, unique, innovative and top notch services to our customers.

We have a team of professionals and experts that offer innovative and creative solutions in solving all our client’s needs. Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectation by aligning their ideas to our solutions and take the challenges. We strongly believe that passion helps to create cutting edge solutions with extra-ordinary ideas and we are passionate about our work like no other!


Our visions is to become a global leader in the tracking solutions industry that bestow us with quality return on investment with maximum customer satisfaction. We are concerned about our customer safety like no other and passionate enough to benefit them with our exceptional range of services. We care about our customers and treat them as our biggest priority, thus our vision aligns with their satisfaction. Our goals can only be achieved when our consumer feels safe 24/7 with our tracking solutions.

Our concept and motto is not to deliver what we promise – but to deliver more than our customer’s expectations!

Our Team

Anthony Rhoades
Anthony Rhoades President/CEO
Jontea Ramos

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