Geofence Funcionality

• Create Virtual “Hot Spots” for Alerts and Reporting
• Monitor Authorized Use of Vehicles
• Jobsite Verification
• Monitor Remote Employees
• Confirm Fuel Card Purchases

Fleet Management Reports

• Details Trips, Distance, and Time Spent at Locations.
• Track Time Spent at Jobsites.
• Total Drive Time & Distance Calculated.
• Different Map Perspectives (Google Streets, Satellite, Hybrid Views).
• Customizable Vehicle Icons.

Tracking System

• 30 Sec. Updates for Real Time Tracking
• Color Mapping Pins with Vehicle Directional Arrows
• Route Replay and History Reporting
• Speed Reporting
• Time Reporting for Employees


• Identify Closest Asset to Jobsite
• Empowers Dispatchers
• Make Fuel Efficient Decisions from the Office

Benefits of Arrive GPS Tracking

• Increase Employee Productivity
• Reduce Fuel Expenses & Maintenance
• Lower Payroll Through Timecard Management
• Eliminate Unauthorized Work

Benefits of Arrive GPS Tracking

• Theft Recovery and Deterrent
• Reduce Insurance Premiums
• Safe Driving SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)
• Peace of Mind

Arrive GPS

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The number one reason businesses trust us is because of our consultative approach. From our first conversation through your duration as a customer, we provide expert guidance to ensure you experience success with tracking your fleet and ELD compliance. We first figure out if we are a good fit for your business needs and then show you how we will deliver the results you expect.


Precision & Accuracy

Arrive GPS provides the tools to bring accuracy and precision to fuel usage, vehicle mileage and time sheets to empower employers to make better business decisions

Programming 88%
Design 95%
Managing 92%

What Clients Say About Arrive GPS

Arrive GPS

Our fleet management solutions are SaaS (Software as a Service) and provide visibility on a company assets in real time. Arrive GPS customers use our services to substantially increase productivity while driving down operational expenses of their mobile workforce’s through fuel management and time sheet accuracy 

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